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Account Management Completely Reimagined
Beta Release Now Available
We are pleased to announce the Beta release of our new Account Management system. We have rebuilt Account Management from the ground up with a modern, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface designed for and consistent across any desktop or mobile device.
Account Management Reimagined
  • The simplified menu gives you quick and easy access to all Account Management functions.
  • Quickly access all account and user settings from two simple screens.
  • Statements, trade confirmation reports and flex queries are available from a single screen.
  • Pending items, messages and corporate actions are accessible from any screen in Account Management.
  • Clients with multiple accounts can take advantage of our new intuitive account selector specifically designed to make it easier to find and choose linked and partitioned accounts.

Our Beta version is launching with 80% of existing Account Management functionality available, and we expect to complete the remainder by September. For advisors, brokers and other institution accounts, our Dashboard for client management will not be immediately available. In the fall, we will be introducing an entirely new combined Dashboard and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) interface for client management from a desktop as well as mobile devices.

Give us your feedback! The new Account Management contains a feedback link that you can use to send us your comments and concerns, which we always welcome.

To access the new Account Management Beta, click on the login menu on our website.
Mobile Apps
Consolidated Mobile Apps
We recently consolidated our phone and tablet mobile apps, which means that you no longer need different downloads for different devices. IB TWS for Mobile has been fully optimized for any device, from smaller-screened phones and mid-sized tablets to full-sized iPads and tablets. By consolidating our mobile apps, you can easily switch between phone and tablet and have the same trading features available.

Upgrade to the latest version of IB TWS for Mobile:
The Trader Referral Program
You already understand the advantages of having an account with Interactive Brokers. Tell your fellow investors to open an account with us, and in return1 receive a bonus of up to $200.

The Trader Referral Program is open to Individual, Joint, Trust and IRA accounts, but not Advisor or Brokers. Sign up on the Manage Account > Trader Referral page in Account Management.
Pre-Trade Compliance Tool for Institutions
Continuing our focus on providing compliance support for our institutional clients, we recently added a new Pre-Trade Compliance Tool to our growing suite of compliance tools and support functions. The Pre-Trade Compliance Tool lets Advisors, Brokers, Hedge Fund Investment Managers, Proprietary Trading Group Master Account users and Compliance Officers apply trade-related restrictions to an account, a user or an entire family of accounts, including all client and sub accounts. Pre-Trade Compliance replaces all trading restrictions previously available in Account Management and EmployeeTrack Management.

Launch the Pre-Trade Compliance tool from the Manage Account > Trade Configuration > Restrictions page or the Manage Clients/Funds/Traders > Trading > Restriction page in Account Management.

Compliance Officers can launch the Pre-Trade Compliance tool from the Manage Employees > Trading Restrictions page in EmployeeTrack Management.

View All of Your Financial Accounts in One Place
You already know PortfolioAnalyst as an easy-to-use online performance analysis and reporting tool. Now we've rebuilt it from the ground up as part of our new Account Management Beta release. PortfolioAnalyst lets you see the current performance of all of your financial accounts. Get your complete financial picture in one place, including your investment, checking, savings, annuity, incentive plan and credit card accounts held at financial institutions outside of Interactive Brokers.

Responsive PortfolioAnalyst
After a quick and easy setup in PortfolioAnalyst, you'll be able to view summary values at a glance for each individual financial institution or consolidated across all financial institutions and different periods, including current and prior balances, return percentage, and percent change in value. Drill down to view asset classes, positions and trades for each financial institution or consolidated across all financial institutions.

The PortfolioAnalyst is available for multi-account configuration and can be used by advisors and brokers to view client accounts on a standalone or consolidated basis. Individual linked and partitioned accounts can also be viewed.

Note that the current PortfolioAnalyst Beta available on our website will no longer be a standalone beta, but will be fully integrated into the new Account Management Beta release.
From Desktop to Mobile without Missing a Beat
We recently updated IB TWS for Mobile to make it even easier for you to switch seamlessly between desktop and mobile apps without losing access to your favorite trading features:
  • We consolidated our phone and tablet apps, so clients who use both for mobile trading will always find the same key features available regardless of device.
  • iOS users with the iPhone 5s or higher can now log into IB TWS for Mobile quickly using Apple's Touch ID, which allows you to use your fingerprint to access certain apps. To set up Touch ID, go to Settings on your iPhone and select Touch ID & Passcode. Follow the instructions to add your fingerprint.
  • IBot, our natural language interface to trading, is now available on mobile. Use voice or text commands to get quotes, create orders and more. In addition to helping with key trading tasks, IBot can now search the IB web site for related information and return links to bring you to a specific page in your default browser.
  • The new Notification Center consolidates all TWS bulletins and IB FYIs into a central location and notifies you of updates with a blinking badge in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Use the new magnifier search icon in the screen title to search for financial instruments, and then add instruments to a Watchlist from the search results.
  • Use the company name or symbol in a search.
  • Zoom and pan in mobile charts.
  • Improved font scaling for better visibility on all device screen sizes, along with a Large Font Mode setting in Configuration.
  • Android users can sign up for mobile beta testing on the Google Play Store. As a beta tester, you can help us test our latest features before they're released, and use the feedback feature to tell us what you think.
New Features for Advisors
We've added the following enhancements for advisors:
  • Advisor Fee Invoice Report - Advisors can now view a report showing invoices for client fees for any date. Fees are charged one day after invoices are billed to clients. To access fee invoice reports, go to Reports > Supplemental > Fee Invoice, select an account and a date and then click View.
  • Advisor Client Fee Reimbursements - Our Advisor Fee Reimbursement feature lets advisors reimburse fees to their clients up to a maximum of 50% of invoices (net of any prior rebate) for the trailing 12-month period. Now fee reimbursements can include any type of advisor fee, including manual invoices.
TWS Updates
  • Trader's Journal note-taking feature lets you record and save your trading ideas for any product in TWS. (Build 964)
  • IBot now integrates IBKR web search in results and adds voice support for desktop users. (Build 965)
  • Hold your mouse over the yellow zigzag icon to see the estimated benefit of early exercise for long options positions, when early exercise is recommended. (Build 965)
  • US CDs and Agency Bond instruments have been added to the Advanced Market Scanner. (Build 965)
API Updates
Connect your trading application to our advanced order routing and trading system using our IB Application Programming Interface (API). Recent updates to the API include:
  • Support for Soft Dollar Tiers
  • New EClient Function
  • Support for Adjustable Stop and Pegged-to-Benchmark and Conditional order types
  • Model Portfolio now supported
  • SSL Support
  • Additional fields for Volatility orders
  • API read-only mode
  • Changes to clients and sample applications
  • Connection enhancements
  • New "solicited" order flag
  • New error codes
  • Added primaryExchange field
Our streamlined web-based interface that allows institutions to add market data and chart data to their own custom trading application now supports data for global stocks and forex products.
New Products and Currencies
  • 222 China A Large Cap Stocks
  • KOSDAQ 150 Index Futures
  • New FX options on USD/CNH on HKFE
  • ZAR (South African Rand) is available as a deposit currency
New Research Providers
Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary slate of independent research continues to grow with the addition of new research and new providers.
  • Wall Street Horizon Enchilada Pro & Enchilada Pro Plus
  • Reuters StockReports+
  • Three new economic data feeds from Intrinio
  • Slingshot Insights
  • ENSO
New Mutual Funds
IB offers 9,033 funds from 162 families, which includes 3,854 No Transaction Fee funds.

We added Investec Funds as our first offshore mutual fund family. We expect to add more offshore funds soon. We also added the following 16 new domestic fund families:
  • Baird Funds
  • 361 Capital Funds
  • Day Hagen Funds
  • CounterPoint Funds
  • GaveKal Funds
  • Altegris Funds
  • IVA Funds
  • CBOE Vest Funds
  • Della Parola Funds
  • USAA Mutual Funds
  • Osterweis Funds
  • Jensen Funds
  • Rational Funds
  • Astor Funds
  • Measured Risk Funds
  • Adirondack Funds
Low cost, breadth of product and technology innovation consistently drive our progress at IB, and we continue to be recognized for the unique advantages we provide to our clients.
WSL Award
Winner 2017 Fund Technology and WSL Institutional Awards - Best Broker-Dealer Futures
CTA Award
Winner 2017 Fund Technology and WSL Institutional Awards - Best Broker-Dealer Options
HFM Award
Winner 2017 HFM Week CTA US Services Award - Best FCM - Technology
In addition, Interactive Brokers has been recognized as a top online broker by several organizations, including:
  • Preqin - We were ranked in the top ten brokers for hedge funds
  • SumZero - SumZero's poll asking which brokerage firms offer funds the best service showed Interactive Brokers winning by a wide margin. 27.3% of respondents selected IB, as compared to Morgan Stanley (13.16%), Goldman Sachs (8.95%), JP Morgan (7.3%), Fidelity (2.63%) and others.
  • futures io True Edge Award
  • Nerd Wallet
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