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IBKR Desktop Interface

IBKR Advantage

The Future of Trading.
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IBKR Desktop Interface

IBKR Desktop is on its way to becoming the ultimate trading platform. By combining many of the most popular features from our flagship Trader Workstation (TWS) with a suite of innovative and customizable new tools, IBKR Desktop sets a new standard in trading technology.

Client-Driven Platform Built from the Ground Up

Starting from scratch with a fresh UI framework, IBKR Desktop combines the best of both proven and new technologies. We've included many of the most popular tools from our flagship TWS along with a growing suite of original new features like Option Lattice, which is a graphical options chain view that highlights potential outliers in key metrics such as Implied Volatility, Open Interest, Volume or Last Price, and Screeners with MultiSort, which blends user-specified factors and associated conditions into a single score to present a "ranked" list of securities matching the selection criteria. This perfect synthesis of the known and the novel, combined with our superior order execution, results in a sleek, speedy platform that's easy to navigate but still packs a punch in the features department.

Robust and Efficient Platform for Traders of All Levels

Whether you're a knowledgeable, long-time trader or a new client with limited experience, IBKR Desktop offers just what you need. The easy-to-navigate interface has a minimal learning curve, and it's just as easy to create a complex multi-leg option strategy as it is to buy a single stock.

IBKR Desktop delivers a first-class trading experience with access to stocks, options, futures, currencies and more on 150 global markets worldwide.

Key Features Currently Available in IBKR Desktop


  • Rapid Order Entry with Attached Orders
  • Chart Orders
  • Option Lattice
  • Multi-Leg Strategy Builder
  • Order Presets
  • Mouse and Keyboard Hotkey Shortcuts

    Research and Analytics

  • Market Screeners with MultiSort
  • Comprehensive News and Research
  • Watchlists with Customizable Columns
  • Options Analysis
  • Option Performance Profile with Editable Scenarios
  • Fundamentals Explorer
  • Advanced Charts with Multi-Chart Mode
IBKR Desktop

On the Roadmap

  • Custom Layouts and Multi-Window Management
  • Improved Asset and Search Features
  • Translation/Localization
  • Level II Market Data
  • Time & Sales

IBKR Desktop is currently available for individual accounts and Prop Trading accounts. Support for other account types will be added in the near future.

Keep up to date on our new releases with the IBKR Desktop release notes.



Chart Your Path to Financial Independence with PortfolioAnalyst

consolidate track and analyze your complete financial performance.

PortfolioAnalyst consolidates your financial accounts, tracks account performance and activity, and provides a broad set of tools for analyzing your current state and planning for the future. Whether you are new to investing or a seasoned trader, use PortfolioAnalyst to view all your accounts from a single dashboard.

Brokerage Accounts

Bank Accounts


Student Loans


    Credit Cards

    Auto Loans

    Other Assets or Liabilities

PortfolioAnalyst offers multi-custody solutions, advanced reporting, global support, benchmarks, risk metrics, GIPS® verified returns1, powerful on-the-go analytics and a number of useful tools, such as:

Allocation Goals

Create allocation goals and track performance against goals to help ensure you are on track to achieving your investment objectives. View your current vs. target asset and sub-asset class allocations for seamless portfolio rebalancing. Once configured, you can run the Allocation Goals report to identify over and underweighted asset/sub-asset classes vs. the configured goal.

Retirement Planner

Better understand your retirement outlook by creating a plan that considers your personal retirement preferences, current and future employment expectations, any potential additional monthly retirement income sources, your current monthly expenses, and general market performance assumptions.

In the past 12 months we released a significant upgrade to PortfolioAnalyst that introduced a dynamic Analytics Dashboard. In addition, we recently released a Greeks widget for options traders to measure the price sensitivity of options contracts. The widget includes the Instrument Greeks Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega, and Position Greeks P.Delta, P.Gamma, P.Theta and P.Vega.

PortfolioAnalyst is verified as calculating Time-Weighted Returns and Money-Weighted Returns in accordance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) calculation methodologies. GIPS was developed by the CFA Institute, is used by investment management firms around the world, and establishes standards for investment performance, making it easier for you to compare firms and make more informed investment decisions.

The powerful analytics and tools in PortfolioAnalyst are available for free to our clients. To learn more or get started, log in to PortfolioAnalyst or visit a link below.

[1] PortfolioAnalyst was verified as calculating Time-Weighted Returns and Money-Weighted Returns in accordance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) calculation methodologies. GIPS was developed by the CFA Institute, is used by investment management firms around the world, and establishes standards for investment performance, making it easier for you to compare firms and make more informed investment decisions.

The projections or other information generated by PortfolioAnalyst regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Please note that results may vary with use of the tool over time.

GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein.

Hundred dollar bill with clock indicating trading around the clock

IBKR Advantage

Respond Swiftly to Market News and Economic Events with Extended Trading Hours for US Treasury Bonds

Clients around the world can now trade US Treasuries 22 hours a day, five days a week, at the Bond Marketplace. The daily trading session for US Treasuries opens at 8:00 pm US Eastern Time (ET) and closes at 5:00 pm ET. Trading hours from November to early March are 7:00 pm to 5:00 pm ET.

This is a significant extension from the previous nine hours per day and caters to our non-US clients, who can now trade US Treasuries during their local trading hours. In addition, all clients are now able to respond swiftly to global market news and economic events as they occur, regardless of time or location.

US Treasury bonds are considered one of the safest investment options and are highly sought after by investors seeking stability and security in their portfolios. By extending the trading hours, Interactive Brokers enhances accessibility to these instruments, allowing investors to manage their portfolios more effectively. This flexibility can potentially lead to more profitable trades and better risk management.

Interactive Brokers offers an unparalleled range of bonds, with over 1 million corporate, municipal, treasury, and non-US sovereign bonds available. IBKR provides these without mark-ups or built-in spreads and charges low, transparent commissions. Clients also benefit from free access to the powerful IBKR Bond Marketplace search tool, which allows them to search and compare bonds by type, maturity, yield, and other criteria to tailor their investments to their specific needs and objectives.

  • 30,200

    Global Corporate Bonds
  • 1,120

    US Treasuries
  • 1,015,378

    US Municipal Bonds
  • 8,604

    CDs, and Non-US Sovereign Bonds

If you would like to request Bonds trading permissions:

  1. Log in to Portal
  2. Click the User (head/shoulders) icon > Settings menu
  3. Under Trading, select Trading Permissions
  4. Select Bonds > Add/Edit
  5. Select the locations where you wish to trade bonds
  6. Click Continue
  7. Read/acknowledge any Legal Documents/Disclosures and follow on-screen prompts to the complete request

Bonds trading permissions are usually reviewed within 24 hours.

Visit our website to learn more about the Bonds Marketplace.


It's Easier than Ever to
Trade Around the World

Hand reaching out to hold the world

IBKR no longer requires clients with cash accounts to have cash in the trading currency of the stock they are purchasing to place their stock order.

Under the new policy, clients can have the necessary amount of cash in any IBKR-supported currency (e.g., a US stock trade can be executed versus a EUR cash balance), and IBKR will coordinate the necessary forex trade in the amount required to settle the trade on your behalf.

For example, if you wish to purchase a US stock and you only hold an EUR cash balance, IBKR will execute the stock trade against your EUR balance. After you place your US stock trade order, we will execute an EUR/USD forex trade to convert the necessary amount of your EUR balance to USD to settle the stock trade.

The automatic currency conversion required to settle your stock trade will be performed by IBKR using a conversion rate that is determined based on the prevailing foreign exchange market rates at the time of execution. However, please note that the conversion rate applied by IBKR may be adjusted from the standard market rate to account for any differences between the settlement cycle for your stock trade and the typical settlement cycle for that currency pair. This rate adjustment allows IBKR to manage the associated risk and costs.

The specific costs and charges applied by IBKR for these automatic currency conversion trades are transparently outlined on the Commissions and Fees page of our website. We encourage you to review this information to understand the applicable rates and fees for your trades fully. This change will streamline the trading process for our clients, eliminating the need for pre-trade currency conversions and ensuring a more convenient and hassle-free trading experience. Clients preferring to avoid the new functionality should maintain a sufficient balance settled in their account of the trading currency of the stock they are purchasing.

Dollar bills growing out of the ground to be harvested

Expanded Offering

Use the Multi-Stock Version of Tax Loss Harvest Tool to Harvest Losses Across Your Portfolio

Tax loss harvesting can be a useful part of an overall financial plan and help lower your overall tax burden, especially if you are in a higher tax bracket. IBKR's Tax Loss Harvest tool was recently upgraded to support individuals in the harvesting of losses across multiple stocks in your portfolio at the same time.

The Tax Loss Harvesting Tool allows you to:

  • Continuously watch for and identify opportunities to minimize taxes.
  • Identify losses and transact at the lot level, not just at the entire position level. This can be beneficial in instances where the security has overall gains but has some specific lots that are at a loss.
  • Immediately know what portion of projected losses will be allowed losses versus disallowed losses, based on IRS wash-sale rules (when they apply).
  • Find suggested replacement securities and easily allocate the proceeds into chosen replacement stocks.
  • Investors can also proactively manage gains and losses by changing the tax-lot matching method using the IBKR Tax Optimizer.

The tool is available from the Classic layout in Trader Workstation (TWS) version 10.28 and later.

To open the tool, open the Portfolio tab and find the Tax Loss Harvesting tool link along the top of the table.

Financial Charting Screens

New Tools

New Features Added
to IBKR Trading Platforms

We recently added functionality to deliver a powerful and seamless trading experience
across all our platforms, whether you are trading from your desktop or on-the-go.

IBKR TWS Interface on a Desktop Monitor

IBKR Trader Workstation (TWS)

  • Multi-Stock Tax Loss Harvesting Tool
    Now you can harvest losses across all stocks in your portfolio at the same time! You can access the tool from the Classic layout by opening the Portfolio tab and finding the Tax Loss Harvesting tool link along the top of the table.
  • Bonds/Bills Now Supported in Allocation Order Tool
    The Allocation Order Tool now allows you to allocate for Bond and T-Bill orders.
  • Mutual Funds Swap
    The Exchange Fund feature allows clients to swap all or part of an eligible (long) mutual fund position into another fund from the same fund family. Funds must trade in the same currency. Swapping funds using the Exchange action may result in lower commissions and fewer tax consequences (for funds in the same family), and allows clients to complete this action with a single transaction instead of selling, waiting for the trade to settle, and then buying another fund.
  • Option Liquidity Tool
    Use the Option Liquidity Tool to leverage our IBUSOPT destination by automating the bidding and offering of selected options sent there, while staying within client-defined risk limits.

    IBUSOPT, an order destination for US equity and index options, allows clients to interact with IBKR SmartRoutedTM order flow, and have their orders filled in between the National Best Bid/Offer (NBBO).
    • Currently, the Option Liquidity Tool is available to users who have the US Options Bundle with Level 3 or Level 4 options trading permissions.
    • This tool is available to Retail and Advisor Client accounts.
IBKR Desktop interface on a laptop

IBKR Desktop

  • MultiSort Screeners
    Enable users to find and sort data using multiple factors simultaneously. This is essential for traders and investors who need to evaluate diverse information, such as fundamental data, past performance, and technical indicators. MultiSort makes it easy to input multiple preferences, and quickly returns the most relevant results. Use Histograms to quickly customize the value range, and Color Rank to easily see which values are "more" or "less" preferred based on your selected factors and characteristics.

    Open Screeners using the icon in the left navigation panel.
  • Option Lattice
    A graphical option chain display that highlights potential outliers in key metrics like Implied Volatility, Open Interest, Volume, or Last Price, the Option Lattice allows users to easily compare option contract metrics across expiry dates. To use, select Lattice View in the selector list within the Option Chain (to the left of the gear icon).
  • Options Analysis
    Provides a visual and editable in-depth analysis of a single underlying across key metrics including Option Volume, Historical Volatility, Implied Volatility, Open Interest, and Skew. View Options Analysis in the Quote tab.
  • See Average Price in Charts
    You can now see the Position (in a rectangle) and Average Price (connected to the position by a horizontal line and boxed in on the Price axis) on your chart. Both the line and box will be blue for long positions and red for short.

    To disable this feature, click the gear icon to open Chart Settings, and from the Trading menu uncheck "Positions."
IBKR Mobile Interface on a phone

IBKR Mobile

  • iOS
    Check out the new, more powerful Account menu, which has replaced the More menu. Access from the Welcome avatar in the top left corner, and use the Account menu to manage your account, deposit funds, convert currencies, close positions, and access other settings. Our goal was to make it easier to navigate by moving items out of the More menu and into more intuitive places. While you're getting used to the new menu, you can revert to the legacy More menu from the new Account menu using the Settings > Display page.
  • Android
    We've retired the Navigation menu in favor of a new Account menu, which you can access from the top left corner of Home, Portfolio, Trade, Watchlist and Markets. This new menu provides easy access to Settings and other Account Management features. Let us know what you think using Help & Feedback in the Account Menu.
IBKR Client Portal on a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop

Client Portal

  • Increase Auto-Logout Duration
    Client Portal users can now set the auto-log out function to 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes of inactivity. To change the inactivity time-to-logout, from the Welcome Avatar menu find the Log Out After Inactivity command and click the current time period. Select a new duration and Save.
  • Note that when the inactivity time is reached, we will provide the option for you to stay logged in. This offer will display for 30 seconds and if not taken, you will be logged out.
  • Support for Portuguese Language
    Portuguese speakers can now set their default language to Portuguese.
  • Stock Margin Calculator Link
    We've added a link to open our Stock Margin calculator to the Client Portal Education menu.
  • Bid/Ask Yield for Bonds in Order Ticket
    The Client Portal order ticket now displays the Bid Yield and Ask Yield fields when the security type is a bond.
  • Options Analysis
    Option Analysis provides a visual and editable in-depth analysis of a single underlying across key metrics including Option Volume, Historical Volatility, Implied Volatility, Open Interest, and Skew.

IBKR GlobalTrader and IMPACT

Recurring Investments:

Put your favorite investments on autopilot with recurring investments in the stocks and ETFs of your choice! Tap "Recurring" in the Trade Launchpad to create investment schedules. Monitor, add, edit, or cancel investments at any time. Find out more in the Recurring Investment Feature article.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For information on the uses and risks of options, you can obtain a copy of the Options Clearing Corporation risk disclosure document titled "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" by visiting

Multiple leg strategies, including spreads, will incur multiple commission charges.

IBKR Mobile QR code for either Apple or Android

Scan to download the
IBKR GlobalTrader app.

IBKR Mobile QR code for either Apple or Android

Scan to download the
IBKR Mobile app.

IMPACT QR code for either Apple or Android

Scan to download the

IBKR GlobalTrader

IBKR Mobile


New Services for
Advisors of Any Size

Interactive Brokers offers turnkey solutions that help advisors of any size build competitive advantage, efficiently manage their business and serve clients at lower cost.
Advisor sitting with clients at a table


New Services for
Advisors of Any Size

Interactive Brokers offers turnkey solutions that help advisors of any size build competitive advantage, efficiently manage their business and serve clients at the lowest cost.

We recently introduced new features and services to help advisors on our platform.

  • Message Center enhancements for Registered Investment Advisors, Family Group Advisors and Hedge Fund Advisors:
    New features include a sub-account Messages tab, an enhanced folder structure to help differentiate types of messages, improved message grouping and categorization, searches and filters to quickly find messages.
  • Security Officer Authorizer Updates:
    We enhanced the process for updating the number of required Security Officer Authorizers on an account by allowing you to complete the change request directly in Portal.
  • IRA Beneficiary Updates:
    On the Account Inheritance page, clients will see all configured beneficiaries, can make any changes (adds, subtracts, percentage edits) and submit changes during a single log in session.
  • Improved Interface for Custom Indexes:
    We simplified the process for managing and investing in Custom Indexes, which allow advisors to quickly build portfolios modeled after popular Index ETFs, and easily customize them to accommodate client investment goals.
  • Allocation Order Tool (AOT) Supports Option Combos:
    The AOT was recently updated to support allocating multi-leg option combinations. In addition, advisors can now set allocations based on a trader-defined "% of Net Liquidation" value (especially designed for combo allocations). AOT will now calculate options (OPT) allocation based on investment value (cash quantity) instead of deliverable value (DLV) and AOT will provide a warning when an OPT allocation will result in a high DLV value relative to account size (NLV).
  • Accounts Portfolios:
    Brings the user to a new Portfolios tab which allows the advisor to view account and group portfolios. This new feature offers:
    • Accounts view with Accounts by Net Liquidation, Unrealized Profit, Unrealized Loss, as well as an account list view that includes Daily P&L, Net Liquidation Value, Unrealized P&L
    • Position Summary view with grouping based on Sector, Asset Class, Country, Region, Financial Instrument
    • Positions view, which shows positions for an account or group of accounts
World map showing logos of corporate companies


IBKR GlobalAnalyst:
Find Your Needle in the Haystack

IBKR GlobalAnalyst is designed for investors who are interested in new opportunities to diversify their portfolio and discovering undervalued companies that may have greater growth potential.

IBKR GlobalAnalyst's World Map Screener lets you easily find stocks that match your strategies from across a universe of over 70,000 stocks worldwide. Choose the factors you want to use to evaluate stocks and decide if you prefer high values or low values for each, and your factors will be combined into a single blended score to help identify the stocks best meeting your selected criteria.

With the World Data Screener, you can compare the relative value of global stocks in the same currency and find new opportunities. Search for stocks by region, country, industry, market cap and currency to find undervalued or overvalued stocks worldwide. The search results show the current market price and various financial metrics, including the P/E/G ratio (PE divided by three-year compound earnings growth rate). PEGs below 1.0 suggest an undervalued company, while a value over 1.0 suggests an overvalued company.


It's Easier than ever to Find
Your Next Investment Opportunity

IBKR platforms make it easy to invest globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, funds and more from a single unified platform. Our enhanced product and exchange search tool makes it easier than ever to discover what's available for trading on IBKR platforms.

New Exchanges and Products Available on the Interactive Brokers Platform

  • Cboe CEDX
    CEDX is Cboe's pan-European derivatives exchange, offering trading in index derivatives and single-stock options. Enjoy greater precision with free live prices and trade options on over 300 popular European stocks.
  • CME Micro Ultra US Treasury Bond Futures (MWN)
    CME Micro Ultra 10-Year US Treasury Note Futures (MTN)
    At 1/10 the size of classic Treasury contracts, Micro Ultra 10-Year and Micro Ultra T-Bond futures offer access to the same benchmark US Treasury exposure with smaller margin requirements and tick sizes.
  • CME Tuesday/Thursday FOP on Gold, Silver and Copper (GC, SI, HG)
    The Exchange currently lists Gold, Silver, and Copper Weekly Option contracts with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday expiries, and is expanding the offering by listing Tuesday and Thursday expiries.
  • Eurex DAX Index End-of-Day Options (ODAP)
    Eurex offers daily expiring options on the DAX® (ODAP) to help you react quickly to market movements and events.
  • Eurex Exchange / Korea Exchange (KRX) KOSPI and USD/KRW Derivatives
    Eurex Exchange has partnered with KRX to list KOSPI and USD/KRW derivatives at Eurex. These products are available during the core European and North American trading hours, making it easier for investors in those regions to access the Korean market.
  • Eurex Three-Month Euro STR Futures (FST3)
    Eurex offers a listed, centrally cleared and cash-settled solution to trading or hedging the new risk-free rate. Contracts are based on the compounded €STR over a three-month period.
  • Euronext (MONEP) CAC-40® Daily Options (P1, P2, P3, ….P31)
    Daily Options on the CAC 40® index provide experienced investors with another means to execute short-term trading strategies and manage exposure to the French stock market.
  • NSE NIFTY Midcap Select Index Futures (MIDCPNIFTY)
    Nifty Midcap Select index aims to track the performance of a focused portfolio of 25 stocks within the Nifty Midcap 150 index. The stocks are selected based on market cap, average daily turnover and availability for trading on NSE's Futures & Options segment (F&O) are eligible to be the part of the index. The weight of the stocks is based on free-float market capitalization.
  • Spot Bitcoin ETPs
    Spot Bitcoin ETPs offer investors improved accessibility to bitcoin and allows exposure to the cryptocurrency without having to purchase the asset. Spot Bitcoin ETPs hold actual bitcoin rather than derivatives tied to the price of bitcoin, meaning the price of the Spot Bitcoin ETP fluctuates with the price of bitcoin in cryptocurrency markets.

Options and Futures are not suitable for all investors. The amount you may lose may be greater than your initial investment. Before trading options read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options". Before trading futures, please read the CFTC Risk Disclosure.


New Funds and Fund Families
Available at the Mutual Fund Marketplace

The Interactive Brokers Mutual Fund Marketplace provides clients from over 200 countries and territories with access to more than 48,000 funds from over 550 fund families, including Allianz, American Funds, BlackRock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Invesco, MFS and PIMCO.

Unlike most firms, IBKR never charges a custody fee. In addition, we offer over 19,000 funds with no transaction fees and low, transparent commissions. Inside the US, commissions are the lesser of USD 14.95 or 3% of trade value, while fee funds outside the US are EUR 4.95 (or equivalent).

To help provide you with a broad selection of funds, we recently added the following fund families to the Marketplace:

Global Fund Families
  • Aditum IM Ltd. (LU)
  • Emirates NBD AM (LU)
  • AEGON IM B.V. (IE)
  • SMEAD (LU)
US Fund Families
  • Miller Investment Trust
  • Curasset Funds
  • First Trust Funds
  • MainGate MLP Funds
  • Aegis Funds
  • Segall Bryant & Hamill Funds
  • Conestoga Funds
  • VELA Funds

Mutual Funds are investments that pool the funds of investors to purchase a range of securities to meet specified objectives, such as growth, income or both. Investors are reminded to consider the various objectives, fees, and other risks associated with investing in Mutual Funds. Please read the prospectus accordingly. This communication is not to be construed as a recommendation, solicitation or promotion of any specific fund, or family of funds. Interactive Brokers may receive compensation from fund companies in connection with purchases and holdings of mutual fund shares. Such compensation is paid out of the funds' assets. However, IBKR does not solicit you to invest in specific funds and does not recommend specific funds or any other products to you. For additional information please view our Mutual Fund Product Listings.


Additional News and Research
Providers Available on the IBKR Platform

Our clients enjoy access to dozens of free and premium market research and news providers. We recently added:

Estimize Dashboard Logo

Estimize Dashboard
Estimize is an open financial estimates platform designed to collect forward looking financial estimates from independent, buy-side, and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and academics. The Estimize earnings calendar displays companies reporting earnings on specific dates, and ranks the reporting companies according to their popularity, as determined by an algorithm. This includes attributes such as how many estimates each company has. The Estimize Screener (Estimize Earnings Edge) gives you the ability to screen the entire data set over a range of important variables such as release period, momentum, historical price, Estimize beats/misses, Estimize win rate and others.

Estimize is a complimentary service and does not require a subscription.

Market Structure EDGE Logo

Market Structure EDGE Daily Trading Ideas
Market Structure EDGE Daily Trading Ideas arm you with high-probability opportunities for low-risk trades. We use quantitative analytics built on market structure – rules and mechanics of the US stock market – to find liquid, large stocks with Demand/Supply imbalances that can generate 1-2% returns in 1-5 days. Sounds small, sure. But successful low risk returns compound over time. And this isn't technical or fundamental. The market isn't technical or fundamental. It's mathematical. Put the math on your side with EDGE Daily Trading Ideas. Past performance is no guarantee, and this is not advice. It's data.

Illio Wealth Insights Logo

Illio Wealth Insights
illio was created to help individual investors think like a wealth manager. illio aggregates all types of assets and accounts into one convenient platform and shares Insights with you across your portfolio. With deep dives into P&L, risk, ESG and more, our analytics and jargon free explanations help even novices understand why their money moves.

Additional services are available for subscription.

Argus Macro Research

Argus Macro Research
For more than 90 years, Argus Research has provided actionable, easy-to-read company Analyst Reports on approximately 500+ key US large and mid-cap stocks; timely daily market reports and weekly investment lists; curated equity portfolios; and now 1400+ daily stock and ETF option strategies. Argus' tenured team of Analysts utilizes proprietary processes that combine top-down and bottom-up analysis and that go beyond the basics to examine each investment thoroughly for financial strength, quality, valuation, risk and quality of management. Access to Argus Macro Research and the Argus Stock and Option Reports is free.

Additional services are available for subscription.

Visit our website to learn more about the dozens of free and premium market research and news providers.

IBKR does not recommend or endorse any products or services of the listed providers.

Smart Investors Never Stop Learning

Select the Research and Education menu in IBKR Mobile or visit to learn more about current events, trading, financial markets and IBKR's trading tools.

Students at computers

Access free online courses that cover the concepts and tools of financial trading. Whether you're an active trader, investor, educator or student, we offer engaging lessons utilizing our award-winning trading tools. Read notes and quizzes to help reinforce each lesson.

Select a Course Title to learn more and register for the course:

  • IBKR Desktop
    IBKR Desktop is Interactive Brokers' newest desktop trading platform providing investors with a more streamlined interface. The course was updated to include lessons on Option Lattice and MultiSort Market Screeners.
  • Monetary Measures, Economic Output and Corporate Profits (US)
    The course includes lessons on the amount of money and credit in economies, the growth of economies and the profitability of companies, important indicators of economic health.

Watch, listen and learn about current market topics, IBKR tools and more by participating in free, live webinars or viewing recorded webinars.

Select a Webinar Title to learn more and participate:

Watch or read market commentary and analysis from nearly 100 industry pros, including both IBKR's Chief Strategist and Senior Analyst.

Featured Articles

Connect with Traders' Insight:

Stay up to date with financial and macroeconomic events by subscribing to the IBKR Podcast channel by Interactive Brokers. Audio market commentary draws upon an array of industry experts to get unique insight on a variety of topics and asset classes. Episodes include discussions with researchers, leading financial services companies and veterans from the financial field.

Featured Episodes

  • Value vs. Growth Stocks
    Join us as we discuss Value vs. Growth stocks with Aneeka Gupta, CFA and Director of Research at WisdomTree. Aneeka touches on economic cycles, S&P 500, European perspectives.
  • Relationships Matter: Supply Chain and PMI
    Michael Normyle, Nasdaq’s US Economist joins IBKR's Jeff Praissman to discuss the relationship between PMI and the Supply Chain.
  • A Journey Through Technology Investing Over Time
    Where does an investor start on his or her journey when trying to identify technological trends? In this episode, Alexander Gunz of Heptagon Capital explains his methodologies when searching for trends that are set to become tomorrow's next big thing, and how to invest in them.

¡Nuevo! - IBKR Podcasts Español

We recently began offering Podcasts in Spanish.

Subscribe: Apple | Spotify | YouTube | Audible | PodBean

The IBKR Quant Blog is a rich resource for enhancing your quant skills. Perfect for those new to computational finance or looking to refine their strategies using code-based examples from expert developers. And the IBKR Quant newsletter delivers the latest quantitative finance trends and strategies straight to your inbox.

Featured Articles

  • Dr. Ernest Chan's Journey: The Promise and Limits of AI and Machine Learning for Investing
    Dr. Ernest Chan is a noted quantitative hedge fund manager and quant finance author. He has applied his expertise in machine learning in positions with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center's Human Language Technologies group, Morgan Stanley's Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Group, and Credit Suisse's Horizon Trading Group. He is Founder and Chief Scientist of, where his API specs can be found, and founder and non-executive chair of QTS Capital Management.
  • How to Crush the CFA Exams on Your First Attempt: Part I
    The CFA designation has for long been recognized as the gold standard for investment analysts. But like anything that is worth pursuing, obtaining the charter is no easy task. Candidates must pass three half-day exams, complete professional hour requirements and submit references in order to be considered for the charter. The exams in particular are known for their level of rigor and difficulty.
  • Value at Risk: A Comprehensive Guide – Part I
    Value at Risk (VaR) serves as a crucial tool in the financial landscape. This statistical measure quantifies potential losses in portfolios over a specified time horizon, offering a tangible understanding of risk with a defined level of confidence. And this comprehensive guide not only provides an introduction to value at risk but a lot more that will help you dive into it.
Connect with IBKR Quant:

The Student Trading Lab is a free online resource for college and high school educators looking to blend finance, blockchain and/or computer science classwork with real-world trading experiences.

New Features

  • We added support for simulated trading on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.
  • Professors can now choose between two intuitive and easy ways to invite students to open a paper account. For details, see the User Guide.
  • The user experience in the Client Portal has been enhanced with additional research, education, and reporting features.
Connect with Student Trading Lab:


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Interactive Brokers was recognized for low costs, advanced trading technology and our global product offering during 2024.

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  • #1 International Trading
  • #1 Investment Options
  • #1 Mobile Trading Apps
  • #1 Order Execution
  • #1 Platforms and Tools
  • #1 Platform Technology
  • #1 Professional Trading
  • #1 Sentiment Investing
  • Best in class: Beginners
  • Best in class: Commissions and Fees
  • Best in class: Education
  • Best in class: Futures Trading
  • Best in class: High Net Worth Investors
  • Best in class: IRA Accounts
  • Best in class: Options Trading
  • Best in class: Research
  • Best in class: Overall
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2024 Investopedia Awards

  • Best for Advanced Traders
  • Best for International Trading
  • Best for Risk Management
  • Best for Generating Stock Trading Ideas
  • Best for Algorithmic Trading
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2024 Online Broker Review

  • 5 out of 5 stars Overall
  • #1 Professional Trading
  • #1 ESG Offering
  • #1 Institutional Clients
  • #1 Offering Investments
  • #1 Platform Technology
  • Best in class: Overall
  • Best in class: Algo Trading
  • Best in class: Commissions and Fees
  • Best in class: Crypto Trading
  • Best in class: Education
  • Best in class: Mobile Trading Apps
  • Best in class: Platforms and Tools
  • Best in class: Trust Score
  • Best in class: Research
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2024 Nerdwallet Online Broker Review

  • Best Online Broker for Advanced Traders
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2024 The Ascent - A Motley Fool Service Review

  • Best Stock Broker for International Trading

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