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Exchange Traded Funds

IB Symbol Fund Description (Click link for more details) Symbol Currency
00650L Fuh Hwa Daily Hang Seng Leveraged 2X ETF 00650L TWD
00690 Mega Taiwan Blue Chip 30 ETF 00690 TWD
00717 Fubon S&P US Preferred Stock ETF 00717 TWD
00762 Yuanta STOXX Global Artificial Intelligence ETF 00762 TWD
00674R Yuanta S&P GSCI Gold 1x Inverse ER Futures ETF 00674R TWD
00763U JKO Dow Jones Copper ER Futures ETF 00763U TWD
00861 Yuanta Global Future Telecommunication ETF 00861 TWD
00715L JKO S&P GSCI Brent Crude 2X Leveraged ER Futures ETF 00715L TWD
00752 CTBC MSCI China Free 50 ex A and B ETF 00752 TWD
00921 Mega Taiwan Market Leader Dividend Equal Weight ETF 00921 TWD
00685L Capital TAIEX Daily Leveraged 2X ETF 00685L TWD
00771 Yuanta S&P U.S. High Yield Preferred Stock ETF 00771 TWD
00680L Yuanta Daily US Treasury 20+ Year Bond Bull 2X ETF 00680L TWD
00830 Cathay PHLX Semiconductor ETF 00830 TWD
00852L Cathay Dow Jones Industrial Average Daily Leveraged 2X ETF 00852L TWD
00676R Fubon TAIEX Daily -1X Inverse ETF 00676R TWD
00656R Cathay FTSE China A50 Daily Inversed ETF 00656R TWD
00711B Fuh Hwa Emerging Market 10+ Yr Bond ETF 00711B TWD
00930 SinoPac Taiwan ESG Low Carbon High Dividend ETF 00930 TWD
00735 Cathay Korea/taiwan IT Premier Etf 00735 TWD
00707R Yuanta S&P Japanese Yen 1x Inverse ER Futures ETF 00707R TWD
006207 Fuh Hwa CSI 300 A Shares ETF 006207 TWD
00731 Fuh Hwa FTSE Taiwan High Div Low Vol ETF 00731 TWD
00634R Fubon SSE180 Inversed Index ETF 00634R TWD
00730 Fubon Dow Jones Taiwan High-Quality Dividend 30 ETF 00730 TWD
00641R Fubon TOPIX Inversed 1X Index ETF 00641R TWD
00912 CTBC TIP Customized Taiwan Smart Factor 50 ETF 00912 TWD
0056 Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Dividend Plus ETF 0056 TWD
006206 Yuanta SSE50 Securities Investment Trust Fund ETF 006206 TWD
00920 Fubon Global ESG Green Energy ETF 00920 TWD
00703 Taishin MSCI China ETF 00703 TWD
00901 SinoPac Taiwan Electric Vehicle Supply Chain ETF 00901 TWD
00693U JKO S&P GSCI Soybeans ER Futures ETF 00693U TWD
00692 Fubon TWSE Corporate Governance 100 ETF 00692 TWD
00865B Cathay US Treasury Coupons ETF 00865B TWD
0061 W.I.S.E. Yuanta/P-shares CSI 300 ETF 0061 TWD
00686R Capital TAIEX Daily Inversed -1X ETF 00686R TWD
00708L Yuanta S&P GSCI Gold 2x Leveraged ER Futures ETF 00708L TWD
00898 Cathay Global Genomics Immunology and Medical Revolution ETF 00898 TWD
00668K Cathay Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF 00668K USD
00915 KGI Taiwan Premium Selection High Dividend 30 ETF 00915 TWD
0051 Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Mid-Cap 100 ETF 0051 TWD
00645 Fubon TOPIX Index ETF 00645 TWD
00662 Fubon NASDAQ-100 ETF 00662 TWD
00635U Yuanta S&P GSCI Gold ER Futures ETF 00635U TWD
00918 United Taiwan High Dividend Recovery ETF 00918 TWD
006208 Fubon Taiwan 50 Index ETF 006208 TWD
00905 Franklin Templeton SinoAm Taiwan Smart ETF 00905 TWD
00935 NEXT FUNDS Nomura Taiwan Innovative Technology 50 ETF 00935 TWD
00636 Cathay FTSE China A50 ETF 00636 TWD
0057 Fubon MSCI Taiwan ETF 0057 TWD
0055 Yuanta/P-shares MSCI Taiwan Financials ETF 0055 TWD
00665L Fubon Hang Seng China Enterprises Leveraged Index ETF 00665L TWD
00702 Cathay S&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend ETF 00702 TWD
00892 Fubon ICE FactSet Taiwan Core Semiconductor ETF 00892 TWD
00738U Yuanta Djci Silver ER Futures Etf 00738U TWD
00916 Cathay Global Top 50 Brands ETF 00916 TWD
00652 Fubon NIFTY ETF 00652 TWD
00657K Cathay Nikkei 225 Currency-hedged ETF 00657K USD
00891 CTBC Taiwan ESG Leading Semiconductor ETF 00891 TWD
00670L Fubon NASDAQ-100 2X Leveraged Index ETF 00670L TWD
00897 Fubon NYSE FactSet Global Genomics and Immuno Biopharma ETF 00897 TWD
00664R Cathay TAIEX Daily Inversed ETF 00664R TWD
00684R Yuanta S&P US Dollar 1x Inverse ER Futures ETF 00684R TWD
00646 Yuanta S&P 500 ETF 00646 TWD
00876 YT Global 5G Telecommunication Components ETF 00876 TWD
00875 Cathay Cyber Security ETF 00875 TWD
00683L Yuanta S&P US Dollar 2x Leverage ER Futures ETF 00683L TWD
00923 Capital TIP Customized Taiwan ESG Low Carbon 50 ETF 00923 TWD
0050 Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 ETF 0050 TWD
00934 CTBC TIP Customized Taiwan Growth and High Dividend ETF 00934 TWD
00899 Franklin Templeton SinoAm Global Clean Energy ETF 00899 TWD
00907 SinoPac Taiwan Superior Dividend Highlight Stocks ETF 00907 TWD
00909 Cathay Global Digital Payment Services ETF 00909 TWD
00881 Cathay Taiwan 5G Plus Communications ETF 00881 TWD
006205 Fubon SSE 180 Index ETF 006205 TWD
00903 Fubon Solactive Metaverse ETF 00903 TWD
00736 Cathay Ftse Emerging Markets Etf 00736 TWD
00681R Yuanta Daily US Treasury 20+ Year Bond Bear 1X ETF 00681R TWD
00927 CAPITAL TIP Taiwan Semiconductor Dividend Yield ETF 00927 TWD
00654R Fubon NIFTY -1 Inverse Index ETF 00654R TWD
00753L CTBC MSCI China Free 50 ex A and B Daily Leveraged 2X ETF 00753L TWD
00878 Cathay Taiwan Select ESG Sustainability High Yield ETF 00878 TWD
00902 CTBC Battery and Energy Storage Technology ETF 00902 TWD
00775B Shin Kong FTSE 15 Years Investment Grade USD Corporate Bond ETF 00775B TWD
00709 Fubon FTSE Developed Europe ETF 00709 TWD
00895 Fubon MSCI ACWI IMI Select Future Mobility Top 30 Capped ETF 00895 TWD
00896 CTBC TIP Customized Taiwan Green Energy and Electric Vehicles ETF 00896 TWD
00639 Fubon SZSE 100 ETF 00639 TWD
00682U Yuanta S&P US Dollar ER Futures ETF 00682U TWD
00904 Shin Kong TIP Taiwan Semiconductor 30 ETF 00904 TWD
00739 Yuanta MSCI China A ETF 00739 TWD
00632R YUANTA/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 1X Bear ETF 00632R TWD
00893 Cathay Global Autonomous and Electric Vehicles ETF 00893 TWD
00728 FSITC Taiwan Industry Elite 30 ETF 00728 TWD
00633L Fubon SSE180 Leveraged 2X Index ETF 00633L TWD
00922 Cathay MSCI Taiwan Leaders 50 Select ETF 00922 TWD
006204 Sinopac TAIEX ETF 006204 TWD
00689R Cathay US Treasury 20+ YR Inv 1X ETF 00689R TWD
00710B Fuh Hwa 1-5 Yr High Yield ETF 00710B TWD
00688L Cathay US Treasury 20+ YR Lev 2X ETF 00688L TWD
00653L Fubon NIFTY 2X Leveraged Index ETF 00653L TWD
0053 Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Electronics Tech ETF 0053 TWD
00924 Fuh Hwa US S&P 500 Growth ETF 00924 TWD
00936 Taishin TIP Customized Taiwan ESG High Dividend Small Mid-Cap ETF 00936 TWD
00636K Cathay FTSE China A50 ETF 00636K USD
00701 Cathay TIP TAIEX+ Low Volatility Select 30 ETF 00701 TWD
00783 Fubon Multiple Income II ETF Umbrella Fund-Fubon China CSI 500 Index ETF 00783 TWD
00733 Fubon Taiwan Small-Mid Cap Alpha Momentum 50 ETF 00733 TWD
00655L Cathay FTSE China A50 Daily Leveraged 2X ETF 00655L TWD
00660 Yuanta EURO STOXX 50 ETF 00660 TWD
006203 Yuanta/ P-shares MSCI Taiwan ETF 006203 TWD
00640L Fubon TOPIX Leveraged 2X Index ETF 00640L TWD
00885 Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF 00885 TWD
00637L Yuanta/P-shares CSI 300 2X Bull ETF 00637L TWD
00714 Capital Dow Jones U.S. Real Estate Index Exchange Traded Fund 00714 TWD
00668 Cathay Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF 00668 TWD
00932 Mega Taiwan ESG High Dividend Equal Weight ETF 00932 TWD
00678 Capital NASDAQ Biotechnology Index Exchang Traded Fund 00678 TWD
00851 Taishin Global AI ETF 00851 TWD
00647L Yuanta Daily S&P 500 Bull 2X ETF 00647L TWD
00671R Fubon NASDAQ-100 -1X Inverse Index ETF 00671R TWD
00700 Fubon Hang Seng China Enterprises ETF 00700 TWD
00657 Cathay Nikkei 225 Currency-hedged ETF 00657 TWD
00643 Capital SZSE SME Price Index Exchange Traded Fund 00643 TWD
00651R Fuh Hwa Daily Hang Seng Inversed ETF 00651R TWD
00900 Fubon Taiwan Index high dividend 30 ETF 00900 TWD
00894 CTBC TIP Customized Investor Movement Aristocrats 30 ETF 00894 TWD
00675L Fubon TAIEX Daily 2X Leveraged ETF 00675L TWD
00712 Fuh Hwa FTSE Mortgage REITs ETF 00712 TWD
00850 Yuanta FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG ETF 00850 TWD
00737 Cathay Nasdaq AI& Robotics Etf 00737 TWD
00910 FSITC Aerospace and Satellite ETF 00910 TWD
0052 Fubon Taiwan Technology ETF 0052 TWD
00713 Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend LowVolatility ETF 00713 TWD
00770 Cathay S&P North American Technology ETF 00770 TWD
00663L Cathay TAIEX Daily Leveraged 2X ETF 00663L TWD
00913 Mega Taiwan Wafer Manufacture ETF 00913 TWD
00925 Shin Kong S&P Electric Vehicles ETF 00925 TWD
00908 Fubon Global Dividend REITs and Infrastructure ETF 00908 TWD
00642U Yuanta S&P GSCI Crude Oil ER Futures ETF 00642U TWD
00929 Fuh Hwa Taiwan Technology Dividend Highlight ETF 00929 TWD
00882 CTBC Hang Seng China High Dividend Yield ETF 00882 TWD
00669R Cathay Dow Jones Industrial Average Daily Inversed ETF 00669R TWD
00917 CTBC Selected Financials and Data Industry ETF 00917 TWD
00638R Yuanta/P-shares CSI 300 1X Bear ETF 00638R TWD
00648R Yuanta Daily S&P 500 Bear 1X ETF 00648R TWD
00661 Yuanta NIKKEI 225 ETF 00661 TWD
00631L YUANTA/P-shares Taiwan Top 50 2X Bull ETF 00631L TWD
00643K Capital SZSE SME Price Index Exchange Traded Fund 00643K CNY
00919 Capital TIP Taiwan Select High Dividend ETF 00919 TWD
00906 United Metaverse Technology and Services ETF 00906 TWD
00625K Fubon SSE 180 Index ETF 00625K CNY
00926 KGI Global Industry Elite 55 ETF 00926 TWD
00673R Yuanta S&P GSCI Crude Oil 1x Inverse ER Futures ETF 00673R TWD
00666R Fubon Hang Seng China Enterprises Inverse Index ETF 00666R TWD
00706L Yuanta S&P Japanese Yen 2x Leverage ER Futures ETF 00706L TWD
00911 Mega ICE Semiconductor ETF 00911 TWD