Hong Kong Stock Fixed vs. Tiered Pricing Comparison Examples

Tiered Cost Fixed Cost
1,000 shares * HKD 50.00 per share IB Tiered Fee HKD 25.00
Exchange Fees HKD 3.00
Clearing Fees HKD 2.00
Total HKD 30.00 HKD 40.00
1,000 shares * CNH 50 per share IB Tiered Cost CNH 25 CNH 40
Exchange Handling Fee CNH 2.44 CNH 2.44
Exchange Security Management Fee CNH 1.00 CNH 1.00
Clearing Fee CNH 2.00 CNH 2.00
Total CNH 30.44 CNH 45.44


  • Value tiers are applied based on monthly cumulative trade volume summed across all stock, warrants and ETF shares. This is calculated once daily, not at the time of the trade. As such, execution reductions will start the next trading day after the threshold has been exceeded. Only shares that are traded while under the Tiered pricing structure will count towards the monthly volume. Share volumes for advisor, institution, and broker accounts are summed across all accounts for the purpose of determining volume breaks. These fees are applied on a marginal basis for a given calendar month.