SEC Filings

The table below does not show Section 16 filings (including Forms 3, 4 and 5 reports) in its default view. To view these forms, please select them from the dropdown.


Filing Description Date Filed Size File Type
8-K Current Report (1Q2024) 2024-04-16 192 KB
DEF 14A Definitive Proxy Statement (Notice Regarding Availability of Proxy Materials) 2024-03-06 384 KB
DEF 14A Definitive Proxy Statement (2024 Proxy Statement) 2024-03-06 511 KB
ARS Annual Report to Shareholders (2023 Annual Report) 2024-03-06 2423 KB
10-K Annual Report (2023 Annual Report) 2024-02-27 2048 KB
8-K Current Report (4Q2023) 2024-01-16 213 KB
8-K Current Report (Director Appointment) 2024-01-02 188 KB